From my friend Martha in America

Yesterday I received a big letter from America. Maybe letter is not the right word. It was more a parcel. But anyway. The point is that I have more fans and friends in the US than in Germany. One reason is that the USA is much bigger than our beautiful country. The letter better parcel was not from Uncle Donald. Uncle Donald sends me only letters with checks but no parcels. The parcel was from a woman. Most of my fans in America are women. Right now there is a battle between all my female friends over there about the question: Who loves TaxiBerlin most? The answer from my side is: I love them all! But right now I love Martha most. Martha sent me this letter better parcel with a new hat "Live Is Good - Stay True" in a bag from "Good Vibes Inside". Right now I'm sitting here in front of my computer with this brand new crazy hat on my head. And Martha, I can tell you: It feels not only good. It feels right! Especially "Stay True"! - Yes, I will!

Foto&Text TaxiBerlin

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