"I Contain Multitudes"

This friday the new Bob Dylan Album "Rough And Rowdy Ways" comes out. I'm not going to Balian Bali like Bob. I'm going to the Balkan but you can follow me close. The true is: I'll lose my mind if you don't come with me. I'm one in a trillion and a dictator in the same time. I'll move from a city to the land of crime. I drive slow cars and I eat fast food. I contain multitudes. All the young people looking so good, I'm a man of contradiction and not always in a good mood. I contain multitudes. I'm an old mule, I'll show you my heart. But not all of it, only the hateful part. Even I sleep with many other in the same bed, I still have you in my head. I'll praise the lord, will go down on my knee. I'll play for you Mozart's sonatas, till the end they are the key.

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