And sometimes for a whole week too

To talk about the weather is in my taxi in Berlin tabu. But I'm not in Berlin and I'm also not in my taxi. So I can talk about the weather. It started to rain in California this morning after warm and sunny days before. And I already made a wood fire in my Woodhouse in the mountains. I don't know how long I can stay here this way. But what I can say: It is much better than to stay at home in Berlin. Friends in Berlin are just telling me that the supermarkets are already empty. In California it's not like this maybe they have more and bigger supermarkets here but I'm sure about this. Yesterday I was in an Roadhouse to have a steak and it felt like "The Last Supper". I can't tell you why but my feeling is that things will change here too very soon. How long I can stay in the Woodhouse I don't know. To took "Walden - Life in the woods" by Henry David Thoreau with me and he did it for two years and something. So let me see if I can beat him.

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