Everywhere and Anytime!

At the very last moment TaxiBerlin escaped from Berlin in Germany to California in the US. Because there was no time to come with my Taxi the long way to the West I had to fly in a half empty airplane which reminded me at a time when flying was an exclusive thing. As someone from the East of course I know the West is always the best not only because of the weather. But corona crisis with sunshine makes a big difference to Berlin where the sun never comes out even when there is no virus. One thing I have to tell is the same here: Disinfectant is not available in California too! The old Balkan wisdom that if you ever have a problem you can't solve with money you can only solve with A LOT OF MONEY doesn't work in this case. What I learned in all these years as a cabdriver from the streets of Berlin in Germany: It's always better to be prepared to stop everywhere and at anytime. To be welcomed with a sign like this above helps a lot.

Foto&Text TaxiBerlin

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