At The One And Only Berlin Airport - Tegel (TXL)

WE CAN DO EVERYTHING BUT NOTHING RIGHT is one of our mottos in Berlin (another one is: WHATEVER IT IS, I'M AGAINST IT). We can not build an airport, we can not repair our streets, we can not organize a normal public transport and we do not have good weather too. But even though our sky is always grey because the sun is not shining on Berlin, a sunflower (it's not a fake, it's a real sunflower!) is growing at the taxi parking at airport Tegel (TXL). So if you ever plan to come to Berlin, do not come because of the weather and also not because of our airport, not because of our streets and not because of the public transport. Come, if you really and necessarily want to come to Berlin, just because of the sunflower at the big taxi parking at Tegel airport.

Foto&Text TaxiBerlin

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