This weekend is the Marathon in town. Yesterday roller blades, today runners. Two days of totally chaos and disaster on the road. Yesterday I asked a police lady who closed one street in Mitte, how I can drive because many streets were closed and I really didn't know how to get from Mitte to West-Berlin. The police lady didn't know too. She is not from here, she said. "But you are from Berlin (because the police car was with a Berlin license plate), isn't it?", I asked her. "Yes!", she answered, "I'm from here but from another neighborhood." (In my american family this phrase is a running gag: "I don't know, I'm just working here!") But it gets even better: "The best would be to stop cab driving for a couple of hours", so the police lady. OK, why not?! I'm already sick of cab driving in this Failed City Of Berlin - The City That Never Works. But what can I do with the clients they were waiting while my conversation with the police lady in my taxi?

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